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How to Hang Art by Amy Crews

After more than 20 years as a professional artist, I thought it was time to write down answers to some of the questions I am asked most often about how to hang art. I've broken them down into three steps; Considering the space, finding the right size and finding the perfect piece for your space. It is my hope that these steps will help you feel confident as you build your art collection.

Here's a peek of some of what's inside... 

Amy Crews Artist

Step 1- Consider the Space

When chosen and displayed correctly, art can transform every space in your home.

It may sound obvious, but it is important to think about the function of the space first and foremost. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

    • What is the function of the space you are selecting artwork for?
    • Is it formal or casual?
    • What is the focal point of the space or room?
    • Will the artwork be the "star" or simply a supporting role?
    • Will the space or painting benefit from adding a spotlight or gallery light for the art?

Think about if you need a simple addition or accessory to create a cohesive vignette or something grander that makes more impact in scale or emotion. Art can tell a story, serve as a conversation piece or reflect and aspect of your personality.

Some Examples of Space & Function

Amy Crews Artist

Foyer & Entryway -

First impressions matter! So the first piece to greet someone when entering your home should most definitely be a reflection of you. 

Amy crews artist

Bedroom -

Our bedroom is our refuge. The nest pictured here, is an iconic symbol of rest and refuge and here it serves a visual anchor. Where we find rest should incorporate art that is also restful, be it in subject matter or color palette. 


Amy Crews Artist


Family Room & Dining Room -

Where we gather and spend most of our time together with those that we love, consider a painting that tells a story about you or is a conversation piece. I have incorporated hidden details that are known only to family members in a variety of clever ways. A title or back story are also ways to add additional meaning and value to art in your home.


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How to Hang Art by Amy Crews

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