God of the Hills and Valleys

I love to write. I get it honest. There are many a writer in my family, my favorite being my mom. But I asked my cousin Jocelyn to write this time. Above is a painting she commissioned with a very specific vision in mind. I asked her to share, in her own words, a little bit about the story behind this painting.

Here are Jocelyn’s words:

“I adore my cousin Amy and KNEW despite her fears of not meeting my expectations that I needed her unique talent to express a strong vision I had been given which gave me great comfort…as much due to our knit hearts as for her talent with paintbrush. Amy is famous for her nests. But, I am soon to face an empty one!

I have a lovely daughter with a double name …Mary ( after many family members and the woman who worshipped Jesus with her tears and hair) Grace (my beloved grandmother and my favorite word). Mary Grace will soon be launching; and as her mother, it’s rather daunting considering the world she is journeying into! 

That arduous future is expressed in the uneven and intimidating landscape background which I had “seen” as mountainous and rocky.  In the vision I heard the phrase “everywhere that Mary went, the Lamb is sure to go”… I view Amy’s painting of my vision and know that though the future may be treacherous in some places, she will never be alone. Jesus the Lamb is with her, and ahead of her. What a sure hope and comfort when my nest empties.

While I had owned the verse “I go before you to make the crooked places straight.” ( Is 45:2) I had no idea until I looked it up today that some versions actually say “I will go before you and level the mountains” . WOW! I’m even more encouraged! 🙂

Finally…it is AMAZING discovering that the woman who penned those words “Mary had a little Lamb” (along with a man studying for the pastorship) was the same woman, who actually is responsible for Thanksgiving being a national holiday. The Heath side of our family through which Amy and I are kin would gather yearly on Thanksgiving to connect! I consider this painting among my most, most profound gifts in life.“

Be sure to watch this video forwarded to me by Elizabeth George Cooper. It’s a song that she thought of when she saw this painting and I think it fits this perfectly!

Link: God of the Hills & Valley

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