Lost and Found

Floral Oil Painting by Amy Crews
You can't make this stuff up. I couldn't believe it! I was in denial for a good bit but after several days it was clear. A painting was actually "lost in the mail" on it's way to the buyer in Nevada. And not just any painting, but what I felt was one of my best. Thankfully it was insured. I filed the claim and after the required month had passed and a lot of persistent follow up calls, I was reimbursed for the insured amount. The buyer is an established collector and we were both heartbroken. I issued a refund and grew to accept that it was long gone.

I was so touched by the outpouring of support on social media. And I'm so thankful for the collector who was so understanding. This all happened in June 2023.

"Love You Bunches" had been lost in transit and since the claim was paid, I did not expect FedEx to continue to look for it. Fast foward to April 2024. Almost a year later. I received a direct message on instagram that read:

"Hi Amy, my name is Wyatt Houge, I own a warehouse company in central Iowa. We are a small family business and we buy out warehouses/business's new inventory in bulk, and also high end liquidation freight, and disperse over multiple online channels....This is crazy, but we just got in on a truck load the painting you have on your profile....We wanted to reach out to you first off, before listing it online, after seeing your post. I hope this message finds you well! Best, Wyatt"

To say I was shocked would be an understatement! He had sent photos of the painting and sure enough, it was "Love You Bunches" there in his office in Iowa of all places. We exchanged several messages and eventually talked on the phone. Here's the photo he sent to me below. It was like seeing a ghost!


"Love You Bunches" Painting by Amy Crews


I immediately reached back out to the original buyer and together we were cautiously optimistic. She said if it's not damaged, she would still like to have the painting. I had so many questions!

In a nutshell, as Wyatt explained it, once a claim is paid if the piece lost is found it now belongs to FedEx. It would have been lovely for them to have done the work to find me, but I am sure I am just one of MANY owners of lost items to manage. I'm forever thankful that Wyatt took the time to search for me online. My name and logo are stamped on the back of the painting and I'm sure that saved me. 


He looked it over carefully and reported that there was only a small scratch on it. (pictured above) That in itself is also a miracle! Then Wyatt offered to ship it directly to the original intended recipient in Las Vegas. He boxed it up in a tv box as safely as he could and then we held our breath waiting for word that it was received...almost a YEAR LATER!
I received a video message from the collector once it was unboxed and in her home. I told her I thought I was going to cry and she said that was certainly understandable. It was the longest delivery time ever and one I hope I don't have to relive again. Well, if I do, I hope another good soul like Wyatt intercepts. He said it best when he said "The Lord works in mysterious ways." Indeed!


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