Praying on the Run

walter elliot

Have you ever thought things were going along great only to suddenly discover that they’re not? After months of training, my husband Matt had entered his first duathlon. Participants were to run 2 miles, bike about 25, then run 6.2 miles. This was a personal challenge. He had never run that far before, except once or twice in preparation. Little did he know.

Imagine Matt, exhausted but excited because his race watch lets him know he’s almost finished. Victory is just around the bend! But then he passes this guy cheering on the sidelines who’s waving and yells “You got this! Only 2 more miles! Hang in there!!” Matt yells back at him, ”WHAT?! I thought this was 6 miles already!” And the guy replies, “They measured the course wrong! You got 2 more miles!” Seriously? Someone literally moved the finish line and now he has to dig even deeper to finish! He’s not even sure he can run two more miles. He prayed he could make it.

Sometimes we feel like Matt did that day. We have done the best we can and are growing weary. We think the struggle’s end is near, be it something personal or global, only to discover the finish line is nowhere in sight. We could sure use a cheerleader on the sideline.

There is a good ending to Matt’s story. He finished and ran what turned out to be 8 miles in that last leg. Two miles further than he ever ran before! He placed first in his age group, won a coveted “brick” and had his picture taken on the podium. (Doesn’t matter that there were only 2 runners in his age group, right?) The point was, he finished the race. Thanks to perseverance and prayer. And an unexpected encourager who showed up.

So now imagine me on the sideline here to cheer you on. Maybe your finish line has been moved. But I know you got this! I know you’re tired but you can do it. I believe in you!

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