How Presbyterian, Honey

When my mom would see something in a store that she really wanted but had some hesitation about buying it, and would go back to it later only to see that it had sold, she would say “How Presbyterian.” Now she was Presbyterian so I’ll just say that first. But I think it was her funny way of saying “It wasn’t meant to be.” Now, you could also use that term when things are meant to be too.

There are occasions not only in life but also with my art when this witty phrase of my mom's fits perfectly. I'll share two of them with you here. 

Take for example, the first time I had painted a 5 foot tall magnolia blossom. I just knew in my heart it was meant for someone special. Later, at an art show, a very intimidating woman was looking at this large magnolia painting. (I would describe her as having a hard exterior. Perhaps carrying a heartache and protecting herself is what I was perceiving that to be.) I asked her, “Would you like to know the story behind this piece?” And she said “Not really. But you’re going to tell me anyway so go ahead.” So I quickly mustered up my courage and trusted that my sincerity would help alleviate the tension. 

She came back around later and and when she said she wanted to buy it, I was completely shocked! Then I looked her straight in the eye and said “I knew in my heart this was meant for someone special. You must be very special.” And you know what? I don’t know the last time someone reminded her she was special. It may not have meant anything to her, but it could’ve also been something she needed to hear. She softened a good bit in the end.

So what does this have to do with the honey? Well, I decided one day to paint my brother-in-law’s honey jar. He is a bee farmer and has shared these jars with us for years. And this painting hadn’t sold. So it was starting to feel very Presbyterian to me that he should have it! Yesterday, he happened to be in town and had dropped by to give us two fresh jars of honey, and I was able to give him one in return! I felt a little relief knowing it had found it's perfect home. So very Presbyterian. 

And, in case you haven’t been told in a while, please know that YOU too are very special!

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