A Portrait of Amy

A Portrait of Amy- Article In Hoover Magazine

By Ashley Tiedt

If you ask Amy Crews to tell you about how she became an artist, she'll tell you that she was a creative child. While her career as an artist may have started like others, Amy's story has taken many twists and turns.

"My elementary school vice principal, Mrs. Smith, was precious. She recognized that I had some artistic abilities, so she would call me into her office and ask me to draw things from a book. I would draw things upside down and whatever else she would give me to do," Amy says. Mrs. Smith nurtured her talents, even giving her a special project.

Amy was asked to create all the bulletin boards in her elementary school. "There was an art closet with reams of giant paper of different colors. I had anything that I wanted at my fingertips. I would spend time in there and create whatever themes I wanted to display around the school," she says. Her favorite bulletin board featured Snoopy and other comic strip characters. She still has a picture in front of the bulletin board from her seventh grade graduation. High school, however, wasn't as nurturing as elementary school, but Amy purused her craft relentlessly. 

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A Portrait of Amy- Article In Hoover Magazine

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