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Commissioned Art By Amy Crews

Most of my work tells a story. Sometimes it's as simple as something that caught my eye but other times I have the joy of working with someone to commission a one of a kind painting that tells the client's own story.

This blog is about my special blue and white personalized work inspired by my cousin Becky. Now Becky deserves a blog all her own and that will come in due time. But this blog is about the time she commissioned some gardenias in in a blue in white vase. But while I was working on them I had what I thought would be a clever idea! I had recently seen a photo she shared of her husband (Ted whom I adore) in his sail boat with his faithful dog Scarlet and my nephew Al.

Ted, Scarlet & my nephew Al off for a sail

"Wouldn't it be fun to surprise them with a little twist?" I thought. I used elements from the photo as the design on the vase! It was very hard not to tell her but I kept it a secret. They discovered this special personalization when she first opened the painting I shipped. They loved it!

Commissioned Art by Amy Crews

Instagram has somehow introduced me to so many wonderful people who have become as much a "real life" friend as one can be without having actually met in person yet. Michelle is one of those instagram friends. She has a gift for gardening and loved the piece I had done for Becky so much she wanted a personalized one of her own. She commissioned a painting very similar, but a different size and with her daughters in her garden.

Michelle's Garden

Michelle's Girls

She sent me the photos and we discussed the details together. Then I did a quick sketch of the painting and composition. She chose a 16x20 vertical.

Commission preliminary sketch

Like the sailboat, this painting will be a surprise for her husband. Tomorrow is their anniversary! (Happy Anniversary!) And there is an unexpected coincidence too. It just so happens her home and this garden is on a very familiar street to me near my high school back home in Atlanta. Now what are the odds? I love how art can make the world seem so small. We discussed this and she knows some of the old classmate's families that still have roots there.

A Commissioned Painting by Amy Crews

It is always such an incredible honor to play a small part in helping someone create a meaningful work of art. They are more than just "conversation pieces". They can provide a brief escape or serve as a way to remember a special person or time in life. 

If you'd like to talk about how you can add meaningful pieces to your personal art collection, I'd be happy to discuss it with you! Please email me for more information on commissioning your own. 

Do you have a sentimental piece? I'd love to hear about it! Share in the comments below.

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