"Hey! I'm Amy. Here's my heart."

Caution. I have been known to cry at art shows.

I giggle as I type that because I know how awful or dramatic that can sound. But let me explain! I can’t speak for every artist of course. But speaking for me, I can tell you that what I paint comes from the heart. And when I share my art, I am also sharing my heart, which is the perfect set-up for being...well, vulnerable. And at shows when I am able to share my he(art), I think I’m more sensitive to the conversations had. As a result, deeper connections are made in a short amount of time with the people I encounter. Yes, tears may be shed with others, but they are usually accompanied by laughter as well. 
Amy Crews Artist at Harding Art Show, Nashville
A conversation I will never forget with this collector at Harding.

Take for example the time my mom was in hospice. The hospice nurse urged me to carry on and go to an art show, reassuring me that my mom would still be there when I returned and how much I needed to get away. Well, that show was more than what I needed. It seemed as if every conversation was ordained. So many shared their own stories with me. There was even a new collector who "happened to be" a grief counselor. Turns out, it was just what I needed!

Amy Crews Artist at Wesleyan Art Show in Atlanta

New friends and collectors.

Amy Crews Artist

A memorable day that became one of my most popular stories.

But it's not all about me!

I love the people I have met through art! It's most rewarding to me when someone connects with a painting or when the meaning behind it resonates with them. I am an open book (just as I am being here) so I appreciate when someone shares their heart with me. Sometimes it’s as simple as telling me which piece is their favorite. Other times, they tell me about a loss of their own or a memory treasured. And if anyone tells me they "used to" be creative, I will strongly encourage them to find the time to practice art again and give them a much needed pep talk. 

Amy Crews & her friend and fellow artist, Sheila Atchley in Knoxville

At last! It's always great to meet "friends" on social media in person.

Oftentimes conversations are just so unforgettable that I am inspired to write about them. Linked here are a few of those: 

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"Glimpse of Heaven"

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